Asigra, Tech Field Day and VMWorld 2013

Sep 2013

Asigra, Tech Field Day and VMWorld 2013

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

One of Asigra’s first industry facing presentations of the newly revealed Recovery License Model (RLM), an innovative and industry changing pricing model for backup and recovery, occurred during the recently held VMWorld 2013 conference. RLM was received well among many of the attendees at the conference and in particular, Asigra EVP Eran Farajun, introduced the new model to a roundtable of bloggers as part of a Tech Field Day discussion. At first, many of the bloggers, who all have a very technical background, were discouraged by a presentation on pricing, but as the presentation progressed, their interest piqued and they warmed up to the new pricing model – a different kind of innovation. In fact, some of the bloggers understood the impact of RLM immediately and wrote some corresponding blog posts.

We thought we’d share some of the coverage and insights gained from our Tech Field Day and VMWorld experience.

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