Asigra MSP Kishmish on Moving Customers Away from Tape

Aug 2010

Asigra MSP Kishmish on Moving Customers Away from Tape

Posted by Amrita Chandra

Asigra MSP Kishmish has written a first hand account of their experience with a customer who is still using tape.  While many of us assume that the benefits of cloud backup are obvious, there are enough businesses today still using tape to show us that we have more work to do.

Michael Varre from Kishmish says in his recent blog post:

How could a self-proclaimed cloud backup evangelist still support customers using that dirty 4-letter word? The simple answer is: it’s my fault. I blame myself for not doing a better job of properly explaining the drawbacks of doing it the old way.

Read the full post to find out how Michael Varre and Kishmish demonstrate the value of cloud backup vs tape to their customers.  This post starts what I will hope be a longer conversation on their blog around the challenges of getting customers to move out of the status quo and consider making the leap to the cloud.

How many of you are dealing with customers hesitant to move from tape?  Or are you a business using tape yourself?  Tell us your stories.

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