Asigra Deployment Profile: Ensuring Data Safety Through Management

May 2013

Asigra Deployment Profile: Ensuring Data Safety Through Management


Gone are the days of being able to store your precious data on backup tapes - what with the new advances in backup/recovery software, tapes are just too time consuming, cumbersome and a hassle to manage compared to the alternatives. Unfortunate and unpredictable natural disasters are teaching businesses that they need to have a disaster recovery/business continuity plan in place that does not include or augments tape backups kept on-site or close to the data center.

With a property portfolio comprised of 164 properties and totaling approximately 16.9 million square feet of gross leasable area, including 143 shopping centers, ten development/redevelopment properties, five non-retail properties and six land parcels, Equity One, Inc. has a lot of data to manage.

Equity One Inc. was faced with protecting their data at several locations and ensuring business continuity for their operations. They turned to RestorePoint powered by Asigra, a technology company providing data protection and disaster recovery solutions for critical customer data.

"Working with RestorePoint and Asigra gives me confidence in my data protection plan," said Ivan De Moya, IT Director of Equity One, Inc. "I know that if I ever need to restore, it will take a few minutes rather than several hours. It's about the recovery, not only the backup, and I know that Asigra and RestorePoint will keep my data safe."

A feature that appealed to Equity One, Inc. with RestorePoint services was Asigra's agentless architecture, which means Asigra agents don't have to be installed on every machine that requires backup. Instead, Asigra software is installed on a single machine (physical or virtual) and backups everything on the network, from user files to ERP databases.

To learn more about Equity One and how a cloud backup service powered by Asigra allows them to ensure increasingly large amounts of data are recoverable in case of a disaster, view the complete case study.

Managing data has become one of the most important and complex IT challenges for businesses of all sizes. Organizations are creating and saving data in unprecedented quantities. This amassing accumulation of data represents a company's most valuable asset and it must be backed up wherever its location, protected/encrypted, stored and made available to the organization whenever and wherever it is needed. Watch this video Asigra Version 12: Recover NOW from ANYWHERE to learn more about how your data should be protected.

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