Asigra Deployment Profile: "Agentless backup increases peace of mind"

Mar 2013

Asigra Deployment Profile: "Agentless backup increases peace of mind"

Posted by Heather Peters

Unfortunately the winter blues are setting in for a lot of us up in the northern hemisphere. Many of us are looking at the tranquil blues of Greece and imagining ourselves there.

The decision factors we use to find and select a resort are just as important as the processes that resorts take to attract and retain guests. Ensuring that the data of precious customers is safe is one way hotels like Cyprotels Hotels & Resorts ensure they are not the recipient of negative word of mouth advertising as a result of data loss.

When Cyprotels Hotels & Resorts was faced with protecting their data from several locations and ensuring business continuity for their operations, they turned to NEATASI Consultants Ltd powered by Asigra, an IT managed cloud backup service provider located in Cyprus.

According to Andreas Markoudis, IT Manager of Cyprotels Hotels & Resorts "We needed a solution that could handle our complicated environment, and since Asigra Cloud Backup™ is agentless, one installation can handle all the servers of the main office and of the remote hotel branches at the same time."

Being an agentless backup and recovery solution, Asigra doesn't have to be installed on every machine or server that needs backup. It can be installed on a local machine and backup all the operating systems, files, and applications. The agentless approach saves time, as it eliminates the need to match agent revisions with operating system levels, researching compatibility issues and other labor-intensive tasks. Agentless is also easier to support, and is less resource-intensive, making no processing power demands on the servers in comparison to traditional backup and recovery software agents. To learn more about Cyprotels Hotels & Resorts and how a cloud backup service powered by Asigra allows them to ensure increasingly large amounts of data are recoverable in case of a disaster, download the complete case study.

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