Asigra Cloud Backup Partner Summit Keynote – Reading the Tea Leaves: Transforming for Growth

Jun 2012

Asigra Cloud Backup Partner Summit Keynote – Reading the Tea Leaves: Transforming for Growth

Posted by Cynthia Hart

Tiffani Bova is a Vice President with Gartner Research, where she covers IT sales and channel strategies. Her area of specialization includes the development of comprehensive indirect channel strategies, including program development and optimization, go-to-market sales coverage models, the impact of cloud on the traditional channel, and trends in wholesale IT distribution. In the last two years, she has conducted new research in the area of cloud services brokerage (CSB) as a new role for the indirect channel to play in its quest to stay relevant with cloud services.

In addition to her responsibilities at Gartner, Tiffani is a regular on the public speaking circuit at major channel events across the world and we’re honored to have her here in Toronto for the 2012 Asigra Cloud Backup™ Partner Summit.

In her keynote presentation this morning "Reading the Tea Leaves: Transforming for Growth," Tiffani discussed how managed service providers can work to use cloud services effectively on a strategic level to effectively compete in what is seemingly becoming a crowded marketplace.

She began with a look at some of the top channel trends for 2012, which served as an overview as to where the industry is going and how service providers should differentiate themselves in order to outmarket the competition.

The cloud opens up new business dynamics, as purchasers can go indirect and direct cloud. What really stood out is when she noted that cloud purchasers are looking for business outcomes – not technology. It is a completely different sell and as such, the channel needs to adapt to a new way of doing business and utilize services to differentiate in what is a highly competitive and fragmented market. Simply put, a service provider’s success relies entirely on how much the customer cares, and not how great the technology is!

Gartner Press Release

Source: Gartner Press Release:

Benoit Lheureux’s recent Talking Technology event, "Does a CSB Make Sense for Your Business?", explained how Cloud Service Brokerage is an emerging business model where a company acts as an intermediary that helps its customers through navigating their options, while removing complexity through aggregated and value added services.  The model can be a key differentiator for any Cloud Service Provider competing in today’s marketplace.

If Managed Service Providers want to really grow into the cloud, they will have to invest in marketing to create an integrated experience. The transactional model that exists today will change in Cloud Environments and the channel must evolve in order to service

Tiffani also spoke to the key technology trends as identified by Gartner and include mobile tablets, mobile apps, contextual and social experiences and the "Internet of things". She noted that the Cloud is very much part of these trends, which in turn is driving exponential growth in data centre infrastructure investment.

Her message around Gartner technology trends reinforced that Asigra Service Providers have a unique advantage over their competitors in the marketplace because their cloud backup platform covers the entire digital footprint including tablets and smart phones.

Tiffani’s keynote presentation was jammed packed with information and relevant research that was insightful. What are your thoughts on some of the aspects of Tiffani’s keynote presentation? I’ll continue to cover the day’s events on the blog, so check back soon!

The Asigra Cloud Backup Partner Summit is the largest cloud backup event of its kind and as part of the Asigra Hybrid Partner Program, just one of the opportunities throughout the year for partners to access the education sessions and networking opportunities to help them grow their cloud backup businesses.

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with Asigra, please access the "Get Powered by Asigra" brochure.

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When I read this post and

When I read this post and Ian's article, it made me feel like cheickn little. Seems like I've been ranting about service monitoring intelligence (instead of CMDBs, Catalogs, etc.) forever.Now is the time.

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