Are your tenants safe from Unwelcome Surprises? What every Service Provider Needs to Know

Apr 2015

Are your tenants safe from Unwelcome Surprises? What every Service Provider Needs to Know

Posted by William Kulju

Remember those days back in college when you had roommates? Certainly there were fun times, but it wasn’t all good. If youApartment didn’t have to deal with non-stop noise, unwelcome surprises while taking a shower, stolen food, or having to pay for someone else’s share of the utilities, consider yourself lucky.

In a sense, the same considerations apply to public software as a service clouds. All customers using a public cloud are effectively roommates or tenants. Sure there are things to love – such as monthly variable software lease costs with no upfront investment. However, the last thing any public cloud customer wants is for their quality of service to be disrupted by a “noisy neighbor” or to be billed for more than their fair share of usage.

Public cloud service providers - the software world’s equivalent of off-campus landlords go to great pains to securely compartmentalize each of their customer’s data and execution environments. The thing is, compartmentalizing – otherwise known as multi-tenancy - can be difficult or easy depending on the software that is used to provide a cloud service. For this reason, service providers must choose the software they are using for service delivery carefully to ensure that it has multi-tenant capabilities designed within the solution.

Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application securely serves multiple customers know as a tenant. In the case of cloud backup, a mult-tenant solution enables that each customers’ data is kept secure and not available to any of the other tenants.

Sure you can attempt to use a single-tenant software solution to service multiple customers, however, this approach is not ideal. You can try to overcome this limitation by running the software in virtual machines with a different VM spun up for each customer. However, you still need to implement a system for provisioning and tearing down those VMs dynamically, orchestrating VM interaction with shared infrastructure (e.g. databases), and tracking usage for licensing and billing purposes. Sure it can be done, but there’s a lot of extra work and complexity that would be best avoided given your customers are looking for a secure, proven solution.

Then there’s software that was originally designed to be on-premise and single-tenant, but that the vendor has subsequently tried to retrofit with multi-tenant capabilities in a desperate rush to support the cloud. This can work… But, if you’ve ever been in a single family house that was later carved up into multiple apartments with bizarre layouts, you’ll know the results are less than desirable. As a trusted IT provider, is that really the software platform you want to base your service on?

The best approach is to select a software solution that was specifically engineered for multi-tenancy. You plug it in and it just works. Provisioning when tenants initiate a session is easy. Teardown when tenants end a session is easy. Scaling up or down to accommodate more or fewer tenants is easy. Billing is easy and always accurate. Administration across all tenants is easy.

Designed for service delivery, Asigra Cloud Backup™ is a secure multi-tenant software solution that makes it easy for you to support multiple customers. Asigra Cloud Backup was engineered from the beginning with a single purpose in mind – to enable service providers to offer comprehensive, enterprise-class data protection services via the cloud, easily and from a single shared set of infrastructure. Complete with a cloud license server for easy license provisioning, LAN Storage Discovery, a billing module that supports multiple currencies, VM replication and many other features, you can start generating monthly recurring revenue immediately.

If you are interested in finding out more about Asigra’s mult-tenant agentless cloud backup software contact us at 416-736-8111 ext. 1453 or

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