Are You Ready for the Consumerization of IT?

Feb 2012

Are You Ready for the Consumerization of IT?

Posted by Samantha Morris

It’s already here and according to a recent survey by Compuware—The International CIO Study on the Impact of IT Consumerization reveals that it is creating blind spots.

  • 77% of CIOs worry that furtherChief&Chuck Consumerization of IT will lead to increased business risks
  • 64% of CIOs say support for employee mobility is almost impossible due to reliance on external networks, making it much harder to control performance and the end-user experience
  • The Consumerization of IT trend is already driving unrealistic expectations around role of IT in 74% of enterprises
  • 64% of CIOs say that enterprise mobility projects forging ahead without the full involvement of IT




With the proliferation of social media, and the phenomenon known as “big data”, handheld devices such as tablets and smart phones factor into the equation of an organization’s digital footprint.

 According to Gartner, "Smart phones and tablets represent more than 90 percent of the net new growth in device adoption for the coming four years, and increasing application platform capability across all classes of mobile phones is spurring a new frontier of innovation, particularly where mobile capabilities can be integrated with location, presence and social information to enhance the usefulness."

Information stored on non-traditional endpoint devices is often critical to a company's business operations, but it is often left up to end users to protect and safeguard this data which inherently presents risk. Enterprise-level backup support of these devices is a necessary requirement. A backup platform that includes the ability to support mobile devices will enable you to increase your total addressable market and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

 By design of use, tablets and smart phones will accumulate sensitive personal and business information that must be protected against both malicious theft and accidental loss--a need typically addressed by centrally managed client backup software. However, data from tablet and smart phone users will not reside in the company's central data center, making it difficult for IT administrators to properly back up and safeguard it.

To learn more about the Consumerization of IT and its implications for service providers, click here to access the Cloud Backup Report featuring Gartner Research that features content on why managed service providers need a solution that can back up critical corporate data from desktops to laptops to mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

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