Allies Chooses Cloud-based Backup and Recovery Solution Powered by Asigra

Dec 2014

Allies Chooses Cloud-based Backup and Recovery Solution Powered by Asigra

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Facing data privacy challenges and the complicated data recovery processes that overwhelm IT support capabilities, Allies, Inc.,Allies a nonprofit organization transitioned away from tape based backup and recovery by turning to Razor Technology and implementing Asigra’s cloud-based data recovery solution. What are some of the reasons that Allies decided to make the switch from tape backup to cloud backup? One concern was data security and unauthorized access to backup tapes during movement to and from the offsite tape repository. Another concern was regarding the protection of personally identifiable information with the need to find a solution that provides high levels of encryption both locally and offsite.

We put together a comprehensive case study that illustrates the Razor Technology implementation at Allies. Click on the link below to learn:

  • Why the major challenges faced with their legacy tape backup solution convinced Allies to find an alternative solution
  • Why transporting tapes physically across locations raised security concerns
  • How Allies reduced their tape-based recoveries that took over 24 hours to complete to a matter of minutes by using Asigra
  • And much more...

Read more about this case study here:

Allies Healthcare Ensures Secure Data Recovery with Transition to Cloud-based Backup and Recovery Solution powered by Asigra

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