Agencyball 2011

Aug 2011

Agencyball 2011

Posted by Samantha Morris

Asigra has its very own co-ed basketball team!

Agencyball is a recreational basketball league that is made up of individuals and teams representing the digital community in Toronto and is organized by volunteers.  The Asigra team consists of 7 employees from a number of different departments including development, QA, corporate marketing, partner development and tech support.

We’ve been playing against bNotions, M3Foods, The BizMedia, and JetCooper  -- great companies based here in Toronto.

Here’s how the league works:

General Rules

  • 8 weeks of round-robin games
  • Top 4 teams make the playoffs
  • Round-robin games are a best-of-5 series with games going up to 11 points
  • If two teams tie in the same position during the round robin it will come down to point differential (total points scored over the whole round robin)
  • Playoff games are single-game eliminations up to 21

Although we generally have no real basketball skills we’ve been taking Agencyball pretty seriously – even purchasing a basketball.  We have yet to win our first game but we’re having a lot of fun playing!

To learn more about Agencyball and to see where Asigra sits in the rankings, please visit or check out the Twitter trash talk via the #agencyball hash tag!

Shout out to Dan and Guy from The BizMedia for inviting us into the league!

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A wonderful job. Super

A wonderful job. Super helpful inforamtoin.

That's great to hear - what a

That's great to hear - what a fun way to get to know people in the community.

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