Adopting Managed Cloud Backup Enterprise Solutions for the SMB Market

Sep 2012

Adopting Managed Cloud Backup Enterprise Solutions for the SMB Market


By: Elliot Samuels, Datrix

The trend for technology adoption follows a familiar pattern – large corporations are the first ones to implement a new solution and mid-size and smaller companies follow suit. A reason driving this trend is that large corporations are able to absorb the costs of experimentation, whereas for a smaller business a bad implementation could prove fatal.

Enterprise CloudDatrix, powered by Asigra, has seen this theory proven with cloud adoption. At first hesitant to look at cloud services, Enterprises questioned the security of having critical data stored outside their possession. Recently though, we've seen the ship began to turn. The growing amount of data that Enterprises need to manage has forced a re-evaluation of cloud services, as has the need for improved agility, resource sharing and business continuity. Now Enterprises are not deciding whether to adopt cloud services, but which cloud service to adopt.

With large companies getting on board the cloud, we are beginning to see more and more SMBs move to the cloud. However, one barrier for entry to cloud services for SMBs is the initial capital expenditure. Enterprises are able to justify moving to the cloud by balancing the cost against the long-term benefits, whereas SMBs often need to see a shorter return on investment and are therefore reluctant to adopt.

This reluctance could prove fatal to SMBs in the long run. As with Enterprises, SMBs are dealing with increasing amounts of data that legacy backup systems are ill-equipped to handle. With out-dated hardware and obsolete software, legacy backup systems consume a large amount of resources and produce few tangible gains.

Business PlanIdentifying this as a problem, Top Tier Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have invested capital and resources to provide secure, scalable and low total cost of ownership of cloud services to SMBs. This has helped SMBs achieve better Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for data restoration and higher levels of security.

Even though the initial cost might be larger than an SMB owner is comfortable with, organizations within the mid-market must start looking at retiring or decommissioning legacy backup systems and look at embracing managed cloud backup services as the more cost efficient solution.

Don't businesses owe it to themselves to examine cloud backup to ensure business continuity? Don't they owe it to their customers to ensure any client information they have accumulated is protected?

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