Advice from an MSP, for an MSP.

Apr 2010

Advice from an MSP, for an MSP.


One the goals of the Channel Management Team here at Asigra is to help customers (our partners) successfully and profitably deliver their Asigra Powered Cloud Backup service. And there’s no better way to help customers then to share insight from those who’ve done an exceptional job at delivering and growing their backup offering.

This morning I interviewed Chris Day, President and CEO of Fully Managed Inc. based out of Vancouver, Canada. Chris had some great insight and I’d like to share that with you. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.  

Chris Day, CEO, Fully Managed Inc.

Q. How much growth do you see on an annual basis for your backup services?

Chris: We are forecasting approximately 50% growth in our cloud-based backup services for fiscal 2010 within Vancouver, BC and the rest of Western Canada. We see that growth number as being stable and sustainable for fiscal 2011. We started out in January 2010 with 2TB of compressed/de-duplicated data and doubled our capacity to 4TB of compressed/de-duplicated data in the first three months. This equates to approximately 13TB of actual data protected data. We anticipate being close to 10TB compressed/de-duplicated by the end of calendar 2010 which should equate to 32.5TB of protected data, using our current ratio of 3.25:1. Our revenue has doubled in a four month period, partly due to the ease of implementing the software and partly due to our ability to accurately and simply report on the usage.

Q. How did you manage to grow your business to what it is today? What’s your secret sauce?

Chris: The reason for our success is that we understand our core purpose – our reason for being – Creating Peace of Mind. The Fully Managed approach means that we focus on what we do instead of how we do it, resulting in a natural affinity for clients to want to do business with us. Asigra has created Peace of Mind for us as an organization because we are finally able to focus on delivering solutions instead of babysitting the product as we ended up doing with many of the other solutions out there (including Kaseya BUDR and Zenith’s BDR solution).

Q. What advice would you give to other MSPs out there who are looking to grow their managed backup business?

Chris: If you’re considering a backup solution to augment your offering to your clients, do your homework. We learned the expensive way that making the wrong choice early on requires a lot of effort to undo. You end up with terabytes of data “stuck” in another cloud or on your own infrastructure, and it’s very difficult to make a move without a significant investment. When selecting a platform, focus on stability and reliability of the platform – make sure you understand the recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) and build your solutions around that. Asigra has delivered for us and our biggest challenge now is trying to keep up with the demand.

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