7 years of media changes

Sep 2010

7 years of media changes

Posted by Tyler Fergusson

Over the last 7 years alone we've seen a mix of media such as Travan, DDS, DAT, VXA, LTO 1, 2, 3, 4, and now 5, DLT, SDLT, AIT. And these are just the ones that come to my mind quickly. The reality of it is that organizations have flip flopped through these different media types, and most likely have a mixture of these tapes at a records storage company. Unfortunately they don't have the tape drive to restore it anymore though. But wait, there are companies that provide data restore services, right? Of course, however it's a very costly endeavor.

So with all this said, “How do I attack my first backup to my MSP that I’m outsourcing my backup to? I don’t want to have to store all my old data and pay a premium for it.”

To start with, seeking MSP’s that can offer a tiered cost structure is imperative for your business. They will help you identify the business critical (young) and archival (old) data and properly be able to define policies that will properly back this up and store it according to RTO (Recovery time to Operation). The beauty of being able to do this is that from a recovery standpoint, we’re recovering all of our data from disk. No more worries of not having the right tape drive on hand, or the need for extremely costly tape recovery services.

At the end of the day, cloud should be a long term strategy in an organization’s top down approach from a computing perspective, data protection being one component of it. Doing things right the first time will always achieve a better result from my experience as well.

If anyone has questions regarding this, please feel free to reach out.


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