7 Reasons Businesses are Shifting to Cloud Backup

Oct 2012

7 Reasons Businesses are Shifting to Cloud Backup

Posted by Heather Peters

Managing data has become one of the most important and complex IT challenges for businesses of all sizes. Organizations are creating and saving data in unprecedented quantities. This amassing accumulation of data represents a company's most valuable asset and it must be backed up, protected, stored and made available to the organization whenever it is needed – whether to address employee and customer issues or to address increasing demands for regulatory compliance or electronic discovery.

Further complicating the challenge of managing data is the reality that IT budgets are tight and most organizations are looking to consolidate IT rather that expand IT. Continually buying more storage devices for backup just won't work. In addition the threat of lost data is greater than ever – either malicious threats or accident – and the need to manage and backup data based on its value to the organization has become more important.

More and more businesses are turning to cloud backup; here are 7 reasons:

  1. Internal Resource Efficiency
  2. Enhance Security
  3. Leverage Deduplication Technology
  4. Process Validation
  5. Ease of Scalability
  6. Data Recovery Speed and Options
  7. Regulatory Compliance

To learn more about each of the 7 Reasons Businesses are shifting to Cloud Backup Download the Whitepaper.

7 Reasons Businesses are shifting to Cloud Backup

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