5 Reasons Service Providers Should Offer Cloud Backup Services

Mar 2013

5 Reasons Service Providers Should Offer Cloud Backup Services


If you are a VAR, IT Consultant, Telco or Service Provider who is not offering cloud backup and recovery services today, you should consider adding this service to your practice for the following five reasons.

  1. Customer retention. If you customers cannot purchase the service from you – they will go to your competitor. This seems like a pretty good reason to me.
  2. Money, money, money.  (this means more shoes to me – but perhaps to you it means a bigger speed boat or a fast car). There are decent margins in cloud backup services.
  3. Increase your total addressable market. With the adoption of SaaS-based apps and bring your own device (BYOD) infiltrating organizations, there is huge opportunity for you to deliver secure cost efficient cloud backup and recovery services to your existing and new customers. Organizations are going to need a data protection sitting in SaaS-based / cloud applications such as Salesforce.com, Google Apps and Office 365.
  4. Market growth. Gartner Says the worldwide market for cloud services is estimated to be worth $ 148.8 billion by 2014. Don't you want a piece of the action?
  5. Data recovery - Companies still need help with recovering data. As the volume, velocity and variety of data continues to grow this will continue to be an ongoing concern which means an opportunity for you.

Whether you want to own your own vault or be a cloud services broker reselling someone else's services, this is a business opportunity you should explore. For more reasons why you should offer cloud backup and recovery services or to hear what others are saying within the industry check out the information below.

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