4 Reasons Why MSPs Should Take Their Marketing Online

Feb 2011

4 Reasons Why MSPs Should Take Their Marketing Online


Our Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing recently wrote a great blog post for Talkin’ Cloud entitled 5 Ways VARs and MSPs Can Master Social Media Marketing . It’s an interesting read and I thought it would be beneficial to expand on the subject and talk about online marketing as a whole.

Online marketing helps you reach more people, more often, more consistently and with less effort.

Online and digital marketing spans geographical lines, time zones and is virtually available to anyone. It also removes the barriers  that have been typically been associated with many of the challenges that MSPs encounter, including long sales cycles, limited sales bandwidths, limited marketing and ad budgets,  and the ability to stay top-of-mind with prospects.   

If you want to become a market leader, you’ll need the visibility that the internet can provide in order to connect you to potential and existing customers who are looking for the services you provide.

The Internet has changed

There are people out there looking to engage with your organization in multiple ways, you just may not know it yet.  They expect rich content in different varieties including audio (podcasts), video, blogs, online forums and social networking. They’re looking to build relationships with you and to do that, there must be an active two-way conversation taking place.    

Gone are the days of static information online. Today, everyone has the capability to be a content provider, whether it is to provide education on an industry topic or specific information relating to your products and services, so it’s important to be represented and actively engaged online. 

Online marketing is cost effective

Compared to “traditional” types of marketing, including print advertising, direct mail and broadcast media – all push tactics - online marketing is an extremely cost effective way to reach prospective customers and maintain relationships with the ones you do have. 

Most online marketing activities are very targeted and easy to track. With real-time analytics, it can also be very nimble. If something’s not working, you can make changes “on the fly”. This alone can give you the ability to track and make changes when necessary -- saving money and stretching marketing budgets further.   

It’s important to note that social media marketing while cost effective is not free. An active strategy will require an important company asset – time.  It’s important to create your strategy first, identify the resources you’ll need and then pick the tools you’ll use to execute your social media campaigns.

The use of social media is a great way to nurture the relationships you have with existing customers and may help you find new ones; ultimately your goal is to keep your customers happy, while maintaining and growing monthly recurring revenues and the use of social media can greatly aid you in that endeavour.  

Online marketing is measurable            

Online marketing can provide you with a level of granularity that traditional marketing cannot.  You can measure and track every single click, view, etc. If you place an ad in a traditional magazine or send a postcard, it’s harder to measure who has seen it and if that piece of marketing collateral has brought them to your website.

With online marketing, you can track impressions, click-thru, conversions and how much it’s costing you. Conversion tracking is probably the most important metric you want to stay on top of in order to determine which marketing campaigns and programs are working and which ones are not, giving you the ability to quickly change and adapt your campaigns if you find there are not performing to your expectations. 

You can even track social media marketing using benchmarking techniques or a number of different social media monitoring tools that are becoming increasingly popular, including Radian 6, Sysomos and Overtone.

There are naysayers out there that contend that the effectiveness of social media marketing cannot be tracked or measured.  Generally, that’s not true. There are many ways to determine whether or not social media is working for your business…but it requires a post all to itself, and I’ll work on that!

If you’re currently an Asigra partner, you can speak with your Partner Development Manager or contact me directly about some of the online marketing campaigns and programs that may be worthwhile for your business to embark on. 

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Wow! Great thinkngi! JK

Wow! Great thinkngi! JK

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