28th Gartner Data Center Conference Highlights

Dec 2009

28th Gartner Data Center Conference Highlights

Posted by Adam Mattina in Cloud Backup


The team and I were in attendance at the 28th Annual Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas earlier in the month.  There were a few talking points that became central to most conversations on the show floor and around the hotel.  The two points that I saw the most reinforced were cloud computing and data center power efficiency.  Cloud computing was discussed as Gartner revealed that it was the top-most searched term on their website.  The effects of power consumption on datacenters was highlighted as a byproduct of virtualization, the second most searched term.

The keynote address touched specifically on cloud-computing with private clouds.  Gartner states that private clouds will begin to dominate over the next few years as application flexibility grows.  This is because internal clouds can be constructed to support SLA requirements and keep sensitive organizational data within the organization.  Analysts recognize that public clouds have their place too, and determining which applications live in the private vs. the public space is up to the organization itself.

More specifically, in the keynote Gartner states that “As certain IT functions industrialize…there are more possibilities for larger organizations to benefit from cloud computing.”  Our team at Asigra is helping companies benefit from private and public cloud backup every day.  I’ve talked to customers this week that are looking to utilize all three cloud scenarios: public, private, and hybrid.  These customers want something flexible, utility based, and scalable.

The creation of an enterprise-wide, internal backup cloud allows the IT department to turn up new backups agentlessly (without installing any software on the source machines), grow or shrink the data vault as the company changes and implement an internal “charge-back” mechanism to track backup costs per department.  Some enterprises are creating an internal cloud with the stated benefits, as well as vaulting data off-site to a service provider.  This process allows for discretion based on the SLA available at each location.  Finally, other customers wish to off-site vault 100% of backup activities.  Advantages include additional disaster recovery and continuity options as well as a premium SLA within a certified datacenter.

In the end, it’s all about the recovery! We can help your firm define a cloud backup strategy that best fits your business needs.


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