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Feb 2016

Panasonic India Deploys Progressive Infotech’s Cloud Backup Service Powered by Asigra

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

TunnelWith offices that employ approximately 12,500 employees, Panasonic India needed to address its need for an endpoint data backup solution. The organization suffered from frequent data loss, as well as extensive time and resources spent on data recovery. The company’s goal was to find a more effective process that would not require manual intervention from users, and would end the loss of critical business data. As a result, Panasonic India decided to deploy Progressive Infotech’s cloud backup service -myDataSync powered by Asigra.

Download the full case study: Panasonic India’s Selection of Cloud-Based Data Protection Speeds Data Recovery While Preventing Data Loss to find out how:

  • A lack of a reliable data protection solution for Panasonic India’s employees led to significant problems for the organization...
  • Progressive Infotech returned precious time and resources to Panasonic India by offering dramatically faster and more reliable backup and recoveries, without the cumbersome management or time requirements of the company’s previous manual system...
  • Progressive Infotech’s myDataSync cloud backup service was deployed in a hybrid configuration without agents across Panasonic India’s IT infrastructure, including the company’s 60 VIP laptop users...
  • Plus much more...

You can download the full case study here: Panasonic India’s Selection of Cloud-Based Data Protection Speeds Data Recovery While Preventing Data Loss

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Feb 2016

Asigra Wins Silver in the Backup and Disaster Recovery category in the Storage Magazine 2015 Products of the Year Awards

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Storage MagazineWe’re proud to announce that Asigra has been named the Silver winner of the Storage Magazine 2015 Products of the Year awards. Asigra won the award for its proprietary backup and recovery solution, Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13, based on a range of data protection capabilities including Docker Container support and AWS EBS Snapshot Manager.

Both Docker and AWS are highly popular computing platforms that are emerging as credible storage platforms for business information and Asigra is one of the first enterprise software vendors to add support for these platforms.

Asigra was praised by judges for being early to market with the new capabilities. One judge noted that in addition to being "very inexpensive," the Asigra Cloud Backup software is unique in its automatic protection of Docker containers and its ability to manage AWS EBS snapshots.

This is the third year in a row where Asigra Cloud Backup™ has placed in the top three positions for the Storage Magazine Product of the Year award amongst a high caliber of the world’s top data protection solutions.

Learn more about Asigra and our industry awards and recognition here:

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Feb 2016

Why Outsourcing Cloud Backup to a Managed Service Provider is Smart

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Join AsigraSelecting a cloud backup and recovery software platform is a major decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. To help you with your decision we reached out to our global ecosystem of Asigra Partners to get their take on the top reasons that businesses of all sizes should consider outsourcing their cloud backup needs to a MSP. Here are some of their responses direct from the channel:

Why do you think business should consider outsourcing their cloud backup needs to a MSP?

Greg Drumsta of

  • In my opinion, backup should be an off-site task. This way, you never have to worry about anything destroying your data on-site.
  • Recovery is the most important part of any failure. Having to minimize downtime from system failure is key.
  • One less thing you need to worry about if your site has a natural disaster.
  • Having off-site back-up in event of a physical disaster to your business, is crucial for recovery process. It is one less thing you need to worry about when getting your business back on-line.

Robert Hannevig of

  • [MSPs] Following up on backup logs, errors and restore testing. When restore is necessary, you are 100% sure that it works!

Brent Reichow of Blueshift

  • To date I've not met one company that can deliver the backup and recovery service levels internally that Blueshift can provide as a cloud backup specialized MSP . Considering the growth of today's enterprise data, advancing technologies and flexible cloud backup offerings it makes sense for a business to consider a cloud backup MSP.

Over three decades, Asigra has built a global ecosystem of strong partner relationships with MSPs and VARs who deliver secure, reliable cloud backup services to SMBs and Enterprises. To learn how to choose a Cloud Backup provider download our free guide for SMBs or Enterprises.

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Dec 2015

Asigra Forecasts Data Protection Convergence for 2016

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Asigra ForecastWhat does the data protection industry have in store for 2016? Asigra’s perspective over the next 12 months sees organizations seeking to simplify data protection management and control expenses related to expected increases in the volume of data under management. For IT that means that there will be a rise in demand for highly scalable, centralized solutions with innovations that reduce capital and operational costs.

Data Volumes Maintain Upward Trajectory

According to MarketsandMarkets the global Storage Software Market is forecast to grow from $15.11 billion in 2014 to $23.33 billion by 2019, at a CAGR of 9.1% during the forecast period. The major driver for the increase in demand of storage solutions is primarily a result of fast growing data storage volumes and in particular from unstructured data. Further driving adoption is the significant and growing demand for storage virtualization. With the influx of data in mind, Asigra has identified the drivers it expects will be impacted by data growth in 2016:

  1. Diversification of data creation and storage across computing platforms: Organizations today are continuing their expansion into cloud-based systems, mobile computing platform that include tablets and smartphones, virtualized infrastructure and the increasing use of SaaS-based applications as well as infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Data being generated and stored in these Applications and on these platforms is more commonly considered valuable to the organization and must be protected. The diversity of these platforms calls for data recovery solutions capable of centralizing the backup and recovery of data regardless of where it resides.
  2. Increasing need to strengthen disaster recovery capabilities: As environmental and political circumstances change, the risk of data loss becomes a legitimate concern. Regulations calling for greater redundancies in the protection of data now require many regions to store duplicate copies of data offsite to ensure recovery in the event of a site failure. Furthermore, the threat of floods, fire, major storms and other external forces cast a shadow over IT resiliency that can only be safeguarded by implementing a proper DR strategy that maintains central oversight.
  3. Inclusion of emerging IT platforms such as Docker Containers into existing data recovery infrastructure: While server virtualization has seen enormous uptake over the years, new IT platforms such as Docker Containers are creating new possibilities and new repositories of data that must be accounted for in the organizational data recovery plan. The right converged data protection platform will be future proof in that it will provide avenues for protecting hybrid IT environments that utilize cloud infrastructure from Amazon and others.
  4. Shorter recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) for mission critical environments: IT professionals under pressure to maintain business continuity are increasingly working to meet more stringent RTOs and RPOs for mission critical systems such as databases, email, and business-specific data. Converged data protection solutions allow for the incorporation of higher performance recovery within existing data recovery infrastructure to centralize and reduce management complexity.
  5. Performance-oriented pricing: As data volumes grow exponentially, backup and recovery becomes increasingly expensive. The problem is that organizations typically pay based on how much data is backed up so as volumes grow, so does the price. 2016 will see increasing adoption of alternative pricing models such as recovery performance-based pricing where there is greater control over costs even as data volumes rise.

The growing landscape in IT is pushing data volumes to new heights according to Asigra’s Eran Farajun and as a result, 2016 will be an exciting year for those vendors that understand the challenges that data growth and diversity present. You can learn more about Asigra’s latest data backup predictions by reading our recent press release

To learn more about Asigra, visit:

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Dec 2015

Asigra Saves You Time and Money

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

As an enterprise-class software solution, Asigra Cloud Backup™ provides maximum security, reliability, manageability, and affordability while delivering measurable financial dividends in multiple ways. Find out how in our latest infographic:

Asigra Saves You Time and Money

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Dec 2015

What Happens when Office 365 Goes Down?

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Office365Well it was inevitable; numerous sources are reporting that Microsoft Office 365 went down for users around Europe and the UK today. Of course with anything that is online based, it’s expected that despite the efforts of a provider like Microsoft, sometimes their service will be unavailable. And though that expectation isn’t a terrible thing, issues do arise when online services like Word, Excel and especially Email become unavailable. Ultimately that means business can stop for anyone subscribing to these services. The Telegraph talks about the recent outage here and CRN reports about the issue here.

Good news however for the affected users that a Microsoft spokesperson reports that indeed after a short outage, mainly caused by the corresponding Azure platform that Office 365 runs on, the services are back in order and fully functioning. Reporters online bring up the ordeal as somewhat embarrassing for Microsoft considering the Office 365 product name suggests that the service is ‘always-on’.

And What About Your Data?

This type of embarrassment might be a minor occurrence for Microsoft but it does highlight the increasing trend of ensuring that your company data, that’s stored through online services, is protected. In the worst case scenario, that the servers don’t come back, what happens to your data? At that point, all of your Word docs, your Excel spreadsheets and not to mention most of your Email, is essentially out of your hands and quite literally in the hands of a company like Microsoft.

Asigra’s Office 365 Data Protection Solution

Asigra has identified and provides a solution through its global ecosystem of partners to protect your data in cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and So despite service disruptions you can be rest assured that at the very least you will have your data safely secured and encrypted with a proper backup. After all, your organization has ultimate responsibility for protecting your critical data, regardless of where that data resides.

Learn how Asigra can help you protect your critical data hosted in Office 365 and other SaaS-based applications.

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Nov 2015

The Rise of the Cloud

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Cloud computing is the present and the future of IT. In our latest infographic, we have a look at the forecast of Cloud Computing and the Rise of the Cloud in 2015.

The Rise of the Cloud Infographic

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Nov 2015

Asigra Leads in Customer Satisfaction: G2 Crowd Gridscape

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

G2 QuadrantAsigra is proud to be a part of the 2015 Fall G2 Crowd Ontario Gridscape. Canadian tech has been booming as of late and according to G2 Crowd in the last 18 months, 21 large-scale venture-funding deals have occurred in Canada totaling $784 million in investment. G2 Crowd recently evaluated real-user review data on more than 80 products with corporate headquarters in Ontario to see which technology companies lead in customer satisfaction. Asigra’s headquarters is in Toronto, Ontario.

The G2 Crowd Ontario Gridscape rates products and vendors on reviews gathered from the G2 Crowd user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Asigra is featured under the Niche quadrant of the grid as a G2 Crowd Backup Software High Performer.

Asigra is amongst some heavy hitters in Ontario including companies like gShift, Freshbooks, Influitive and Shopify. You can view the entire grid here: The Ontario Gridscape by G2 Crowd

Learn more about Asigra Cloud Backup and why Asigra leads as a High Performer as decided by our channel network and end-users here:

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Nov 2015

The Safe Haven of the Cloud

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud backup services to protect critical business data. In our latest infographic, we have a look at what’s driving the trend and what types of companies are at the forefront.

The Safe Haven of the Cloud Infographic

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Nov 2015

Q&A – How to Achieve 3 Strategic Business Objectives with Cloud Backup

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Eran FarajunAsigra’s Eran Farajun recently was a guest speaker in a Channel Expert Hour webinar called How to Achieve 3 Strategic Business Objectives with Cloud Backup. During the webinar Eran discusses the benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) as a strong opportunity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to increase their monthly recurring revenue, expand their total addressable market and increase wallet share with existing customers.

We wanted to share with you parts of the Q&A section of the webinar where attendees submitted some interesting questions to Eran regarding the move towards DRaaS. Of course you can listen to the entire webinar here.

Here’s a sample from the Q&A with Eran:

Q: Does Google offer a free data backup product?

Eran: No. They are offering Google for Work and what they’re trying to do is to go after the Office 365 segment in order to get companies to ditch Microsoft Office and move over to Google for Work. Which is their competitive offering and they’re giving it away for free for a year.

Q: How does Asigra Compare to some of your known competitors like Datto, Accelerite?

Eran: Asigra is not a service. Datto is a service provider. It’s their vault. It’s their data center. It’s their repository and they provide you an appliance that you backup to them, as well as keep a local copy. We don’t do that. We don’t compete with our partners. They do that. We are purely the software layer and the business guidance and so our business models are different...

Q. Manage Service Providers find themselves competing on price more rather than service. How can they change that? How do you change that perception within the customer base?

Eran: I think one of the things that service providers need to consider or anybody facing pricing challenges is: are you pricing your service to your customers in the right way? Are you basically giving a dollar, or euro or pound or whatever currency per gigabyte per month for the amount of data that they protect? And effectively as their volume of data grows are you then being forced to reduce your price because of volume? What Asigra has done has created the Recovery License Model where the pricing is lower, not because the customer backs-up more data but because the customer recovers less data...

Q. How about winning with service offerings?

Eran: If you’re constantly getting hammered on price you also have to think about adding more value to the customer. Can you do DR drills once or twice a year? Because when you do DR drills as a service provider, you’re basically reinforcing the value that your bring to the table, and that’s where you manifest your service. You’re basically proving your value…you gotta find ways of building processes into your service delivery model that allow you to prove your value, not just based on price.

Listen to the rest of the webinar here.

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