Assessing Your Cloud Backup Opportunity

There has never been a better time to become a cloud backup solution provider.

Adding cloud backup services to your portfolio can mean a new source of recurring revenue, but it requires a clear understanding of the needs of your current customers.

In this assessment, you’ll discover the key questions and discussions points you’ll need to consider before integrating cloud backup into your portfolio of services that include:

  • Do you have customers in highly regulated industries?
  • Do your customers operate complex, multiple-device IT environments?
  • If your client experienced a data loss event would they call your company?
  • How will cloud backup complement your current array of services?

If you’re looking to increase your total addressable market, drive revenue, boost profitability and create new opportunities, download your complimentary Cloud Backup Assessment Guide now to help you identify the business case for delivering cloud backup to your customers.  

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