• August 15, 2016

    A recent survey from Asigra shows that 89 percent of MSPs offering cloud backup services are profitable, and 87 percent expect profit margins to grow in 2017.

  • April 19, 2016

    Backup vendor Asigra has launched a free software tool to smooth the management of Elastic Block Store snapshots in the Amazon Web Services platform.

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Key influencers and analysts continue to notice and acknowledge our presence and leadership in cloud backup and recovery. Here’s a glimpse of what some of them have to say about us.

The channel is increasingly moving toward the cloud, adding solutions in key areas of their service portfolios. Solution providers that have not yet made cloud storage a part of their practice risk being left behind. The past 12 months have seen Asigra advance cloud data protection for Office 365 and introduce what it calls the first enterprise backup and recovery solution to support Docker containers. Also new was a big push for cloud-to-cloud backups in Microsoft and VMware environments.

Joseph F. Kovar

Asigra has been innovating since before backup as a service was even a term or the cloud was a trusted commodity, so it shouldn't surprise folks to see them continue to seek out how customers' data protection needs are changing.

Jason Buffington

Version 13 of the Asigra Inc. Cloud Backup product added backup for data created in the cloud. Asigra Cloud Backup scored highest among the category finalists for innovation and ease of integration, and also received high marks for functionality and value. Its agentless architecture was designed for the cloud, even before cloud was a buzzword. And the addition of protection for Salesforce, Google Apps and Office 365 to the product is an industry first. The update is innovative in that it makes Asigra's already full-function product more full function.

Andrew Burton
Storage Magazine

Servers, CPUs, storage arrays and networking equipment have all gone through so-called "converged" stages—meaning more functionality is being crammed into smaller and smaller hardware form factors. So it follows that somebody would come up with converged functions in software. Toronto-based cloud backup provider Asigra is doing just that with version 13 of its platform, launched Feb. 10. The new version adds a full Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) enablement that features snapshot VMware vSphere replication along with endpoint data loss prevention.

Chris Preimesberger

Backup Review has revealed its top 25 online backup enablers list for February 2015, ranking Asigra at number one. Based in Toronto, Canada, Asigra describes itself as a company that is devoted to furthering cloud Backup, Recovery and Restore (BURR) by offering its cloud solutions entirely through its Partner ecosystem. David Farajun, the CEO of the company does not hesitate to declare that Asigra's success is defined by the success of its partners.

Jean-Jacques Maleval
Storage Newsletter

Simplifying data protection activities while actually improving service levels is a real priority for IT organizations. Asigra’s converged data protection aims to make life simpler for IT staff by reducing the complexity of managing multiple backup, DR and archiving solutions. In addition, their recovery-based pricing and deployment alternatives can help make the acquisition cost more budget friendly.

Phil Goodwin
Research Director, IDC

Service providers are experiencing hyper-scale growth that requires them to continuously add and manage storage. Smaller partners want to buy backup appliances directly from Asigra, while those on the higher end [are] looking for a better care cost structure. What Asigra did was package a robust, industry-standard open source ZFS stack that reduces the back-end storage for their customers by about one-third to one-half. That's a big deal, because it means service providers can pass on those savings to their customers.

Brian Garrett
ESG (Article in SearchDataBackup)

Asigra, a Toronto-based maker of data protection software, is offering its data backup prowess to cloud storage providers in the form of an all-in-one appliance. The Asigra Converged Data Protection DS-System Appliance, which "enables the service provider to plug in a turnkey box and have the service up and running in minutes.

Pedro Hernandez

Managed and cloud service providers have a lightning fast on-ramp to providing backup services via three Asigra appliances. These are converged backup systems using commodity servers, FreeBSD Unix, the ZFS file system and Asigra's agentless cloud backup and recovery software.

Chris Mellor
The Register

Asigra plans to start shipping a backup appliance in August designed with the goal of keeping things simple for managed service providers (MSPs). Asigra unveiled the Asigra Converged Data Protection Appliance for Managed Service Providers on Tuesday during the second day of its Asigra Global Partner Summit in Toronto.

Scott Bekker
Redmond Channel Partner

With Asigra’s Converged Data Protection Appliance for MSPs, companies wishing to generate revenue from cloud backup services can enter this market quickly while keeping costs down. The plug and play appliance eliminates much of the sourcing, configuration and support costs associated with traditional storage system integration, while providing comprehensive data protection for Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS and Android environments.

Kurt Yamamoto
Tom’s IT Pro

The Asigra appliance line is built for service delivery to provide end-to-end data protection for small and midsize business (SMB) and enterprise environments.

Nathan Eddy

The Cloud to Cloud Backup feature protects data created in the cloud using popular software as a service (SaaS) applications. It was first added to the agentless Asigra Cloud Backup software platform in 2012, when the company announced the ability to back up Salesforce.com data. Asigra has since added the ability to protect Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 data. Backup data from these applications can be integrated and managed with the rest of an organization's data, and stored on the premises or in an Asigra partner's cloud..

Andrew Burton

vSphere APIs for IO Filtering will enable ecosystem partners including Asigra, EMC, Infinio, PrimaryIO, Samsung, SanDisk and StorageCraft to offer third-party, software-based data services such as replication and caching. These data services will be fully integrated in vSphere and managed through vSphere Storage Policy-Based Management.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Asigra Cloud Backup offers disk-based, block-level, incremental client-side deduplication to reduce backup bandwidth needs. It also uses an agentless architecture. According to the company, this simplifies deployment, which can be useful when deploying the software to protect multiple remote sites.

Andrew Burton

As it did last year, Asigra flexed its muscles across all five rating categories in the backup application quality awards, leading the field in each one and rolling up an overall score of 6.66 to easily outdistance number two finisher Commvault (6.09).

Rich Castagna
Storage Magazine

Delivery of a managed backup service is all about controlling costs while delivering the right level of service matched to customer needs. This webinar will explore three factors that will prove to be important for any service provider considering entry into the backup services arena.

George Crump
President & Founder, Storage Switzerland

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