The UK’s Largest And Most Specialised Recruitment Agency Selects Asigra And OnDemand Recovery For Cloud Backup

Oct 24, 2011

Asigra Inc. announced that Monarch Recruitment Ltd, one of the UK’s largest and most specialised recruitment agencies, is backing up multiple TB of data to partner OnDemand Recovery’s cloud, which is powered by Asigra. As a result Monarch now enjoys quicker backups, an enhanced level of business continuity and increased overall protection of its data including business-critical documents such as invoices, client details, timesheets and employment contracts. 
Founded in 1992, Monarch Recruitment specialises in several areas, including IT, Digital Media, Education and Oil & Gas. Its previous backup strategy was based on a tape system, with restore times often taking in excess of 12-13 hours. Thanks to Asigra Cloud Backup, restore times have now been slashed by more than 80%, meaning less expensive downtime. By sending the backup into the cloud, data is stored safely offsite and is easily accessible from any of Monarch’s 13 locations. Even data from remote offices with no dedicated IT staff is now easy to reach and control remotely from any company branch. Other significant benefits of the new, agentless solution are ease of use and dramatically reduced administration costs. 
Phil Hynes, head of IT Operations at Monarch, says ‘Asigra Cloud Backup came highly recommended by OnDemand Recovery’s reseller Softcat and we are extremely satisfied both with the product and the service that we have received. I have the upmost confidence in the solution’s facilities; moving our backups to the cloud has had a significant impact on our productivity by improving recovery times and making accessing our data quicker and easier. We can now spend more time on other business-critical applications to better support the organisation.’
Rob Gowans, Marketing Manager at OnDemand Recovery, says ‘Monarch Recruitment runs several diverse operating systems, and gave us the opportunity to showcase our expertise and how Asigra Cloud Backup can provide a dynamic, holistic approach to backup and recovery even in heterogeneous environments. When you are dealing with confidential data such as candidates’ records, you need to ensure that you have a reliable backup strategy in place, even if your IT resources are stretched. The cloud is the ideal solution to meet all these requirements.’
Monarch Recruitment’s many applications, including SQL, File Server, Active Directory and HyperV, are all supported by Asigra Cloud Backup. 
‘By adopting a cloud-based approach Monarch Recruitment has significantly streamlined and improved its data protection strategy, making it more efficient and secure,’ says Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President at Asigra. ‘When you rely on a cloud-based service, you also have the flexibility to instantly expand or shrink the amount of resources you use and pay for, making it extremely cost-effective and the ideal platform for future growth.

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