City of Bradenton, Fla. Automates Backup and Disaster Recovery Processes into the Cloud with Asigra

Mar 23, 2011

The City of Bradenton is the largest principal city in the Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice, Florida area. Founded by the explorer Hernando DeSoto in 1539 while he was in search of the “lost city of gold,” Bradenton today is home to numerous businesses, including nationally known Tropicana Products Inc., the famous juice maker; Champs Sports; the corporate offices of Beall's Department Stores and plays host to many fun, family attractions and events.

After years of struggling to protect city data using an onsite tape library, the city was quickly finding that its traditional data protection solution was no longer adequate. The tape backup process was resource intensive and required ongoing maintenance and tedious manual tape management. Eventually, the city’s tape library became dated while the city government’s data increased. Facing increasing staff management time to monitor the backups and the annual maintenance costs for the backup software, Bradenton’s IT department began to seek a new solution.

“Our data was growing and there was no IT budget to purchase another tape backup system,” said Staci Cross, CIO, City of Bradenton. “Through a referral we heard about Yotta280 and about Asigra Cloud Backup. Because our area is particularly prone to hurricanes and tornadoes, offsite data protection and disaster recovery is very important to us. A cloud solution was exactly what we needed to protect the critical systems we support including our ERP and public safety system.”

Yotta280 helped the City of Bradenton deploy a cloud backup solution at its city hall data center where the bulk of data was located. The backup solution covers a mixed environment of physical servers and virtual servers running a combination of VMware and Citrix – nearly 50 servers in all. The data is then stored in Yotta280’s backup cloud which serves as the offsite DR facility.

“By choosing the Yotta280 solution using Asigra Cloud Backup, we are now able to get our IT group resources back for other mission critical operations,” noted Cross. “The cloud solution didn’t require any significant up front capital and now we have a much better, more automated and more reliable data protection process.”

“Data backup can be a very thankless job and is often associated with high failure rate,” said Reggie Rogers, Vice President, Yotta280. “By implementing a cloud backup solution organizations such as the City of Bradenton can achieve hands-off protection without a heavy investment or resource drain. Furthermore, they can more effectively achieve true disaster recovery preparedness by housing critical data at an offsite location where it can be quickly and painlessly retrieved when needed.”

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