Asigra Revolutionizes Cloud Backup Economics with Expanded Access to Cloud Service Providers

Jan 25, 2010

TORONTO – January 25, 2010 – Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup software provider since 1986, today introduced its Cloud API to allow integration of the company’s Hybrid Cloud Backup™ and Recovery software with the broadest selection of cloud storage services. The Asigra Cloud API opens access to a growing number of cloud storage services, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network, Google GDrive, Rackspace Cloud, and Yahoo! Scalable Storage and Delivery Services. A primary application for this enhanced platform support includes cost-efficient long-term data retention, leveraging Asigra’s Backup Lifecycle Manager (BLM) for long-term backup data retention in elastic storage farms.

With improved security, nearly unlimited capacity and throughput to support business requirements, large-scale cloud storage providers are enabling very cost-efficient storage for long term data retention. The Asigra Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery application has the ability to integrate with these storage repositories, helping organizations fully capitalize on its BLM module which aligns the value of backup data with the appropriate storage medium. Asigra recognizes that there are multiple tiers and differing values of corporate information, including backup data. Operationally critical data requires more attention and frequent backups on higher performance devices to ensure fast recovery. By implementing a tiered cloud storage layer with Asigra BLM, IT organizations can better utilize their existing high-performance storage for higher value information by moving less critical and older backup data to these commoditized storage pools.

Cloud Backup is differentiated from online backup by environmentally agnostic technology (cross platform interoperability with application independence) that provides massive client/vault scalability, the ability to work with commodity storage, pay-as-you-grow utility pricing and a high level of data and application portability. Asigra excels in these areas and the company’s Backup Lifecycle Manager option for both private and public cloud deployments allows businesses and service providers to further leverage economies of scale with an additional low-cost cloud storage tier. The Asigra Cloud API provides simple connectivity of an organization’s backup infrastructure to third-party cloud storage pools and allows users to provision backup data to these environments based on data value (age, redundancy requirements, relevance, recovery time objectives (RTO), etc.).

Long-term cloud-based BLM archives powered by the Asigra Cloud Backup platform support businesses and service providers with:

  • A more efficient and cost-effective approach to long-term backup data retention
  • Fast search across retained backup archives (data indexing)
  • Easy restoration of older backup data to meet business, litigation or compliance requirements
  • RTO adherence

Asigra Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery software aligns with cloud computing and delivers features like BLM to improve backup efficiencies unavailable with traditional tape- or disk-based backup. This allows organizations to capture less, ingest less, and store less data – reducing the amount of backup assets to buy, manage and maintain. This ultimate simplification and consolidation of backup infrastructure is especially important as companies seek to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively while improving business continuity. Organizations of every size access Asigra's Hybrid Cloud Backup technology through the company’s federation of VARs and service providers as software or SaaS to optimize, economize and modernize customers' backup processes.

Asigra Cloud Backup software can be completely decoupled from a single physical environment for the ultimate in data and application portability, freedom of choice, and operational efficiency. Asigra’s partner federation provides a choice of more than 500 cloud backup VARs and service providers, preventing vendor lock-in should a customer choose to switch services without orphaning backup data. Asigra Cloud Backup reaches out over the LAN and WAN and protects all computing systems, without installing software agents on backup targets. The platform has untethered interoperability that supports use in nearly every IT environment including Windows, Linux, Unix, Series i, OSX and others, making it the most comprehensive cloud backup platform available.

“In concert with our federation of partners we are changing the economics of backup and recovery,” said Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President for Asigra. “The exciting opportunity to redesign data protection with cloud backup is that organizations get real insight into the ROI and TCO advantages of a modern backup environment before making a move to upgrade their IT environment.”

About Asigra

Leading organizations reduce costs by applying cloud computing to backup and recovery with efficient, cost-effective and transformational solutions from Asigra. Customers consistently redirect savings derived from our approach to projects of higher strategic and personal value, many of which have been on-hold for a year or more. The positive business outcomes made possible from a low touch agentless architecture are revealed through Asigra's Day One ROITM - an exercise that delivers enormous value with little up-front investment. The company and its products have been widely acclaimed by leading partners such as CDW, HP and SunGard and renowned Global 2000 enterprises. Asigra is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices globally. For more information, visit

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