Asigra Presents on Cloud-Powered Virtual Disaster Recovery at 2011 SNIA Cloud Burst Summit

Sep 21, 2011

 Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup software provider since 1986, will present at the 2011 Cloud Burst Summit in a session titled, “Cloud-Powered Virtual Disaster Recovery.” As a growing number of organizations restructure their IT environments to enhance uptime, Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) is emerging as a key ingredient for any organization’s business continuity plan. Guidance on cloud-based VDR strategies and techniques will be provided during the Asigra Cloud Burst presentation to help organizations secure and ensure access to critical business data in the event of a disaster.

Presentation Details:

WHO:              Ashar Baig, Senior Director Strategic Alliances at Asigra

WHAT:             2011 Cloud Burst Summit

WHEN:           September 22, 2011 at 1 pm Pacific 

WHERE:         Hyatt Regency, 5101 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA

Most organizations today rely on bare-metal-restore (BMR) capability to restore from an existing hardware environment to a different configuration. BMR is performed without reinstalling software applications, patches, services packs, etc. The reality is that the typical procurement times within most organizations range from 4-to-12 weeks. In case of a disaster, most organizations may not have the new hardware immediately available to restore data they backed up offsite, extending recovery time. This is the scenario that is ideal for cloud-based VDR.

Virtual Disaster Recovery is a new approach for expediting data recovery in the event of system downtime, returning access to important business data quickly and efficiently without the need for costly additional hardware or offsite recovery locations. VDR takes disaster recovery (DR) to the next level, and when delivered by a professional service provider, can be deployed as a cloud-based service. With cloud-based VDR, the latest virtual server snapshot is recalled by the service provider and the image that suffered the data loss is then reloaded without having to rebuild the entire virtual machine. Recovering lost information is a much shorter procedure than alternative methods because restoration is incremental. The advantages of VDR over traditional data recovery models include rapid recovery and much lower cost.

“Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) has been proven in thousands customer environments of every size and across every vertical,” said Ashar Baig, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances & Business Development, Asigra. “A company’s ability to recover servers to and from the cloud, or any location required by the business, provides an inherent advantage in terms of speed and cost while preserving data integrity.”

SNIA Cloud Burst Summit
The 2011 SNIA Cloud Burst Summit educates and offers insight into this fast-growing market segment. The event features presentations from industry luminaries, live demonstrations and new products and services from innovative technology vendors to help get started with cloud storage. The audience for the SNIA Cloud Burst Summit is IT storage professionals and related colleagues who are looking to cloud storage as a solution for their IT environments.

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