Asigra to Present on Cloud-Based Virtual Disaster Recovery at DatacenterDynamics 2011 Toronto

Dec 8, 2011


Asigra Inc., a leading Cloud Backup™, recovery and restore (BURR) software provider since 1986, will present at the DatacenterDynamics (DCD) 2011 Toronto conference on the topic of cloud-based virtual disaster recovery (VDR). Asigra’s executive vice president, Eran Farajun, will recount approaches and key advantages of cloud-based disaster recovery when deployed in an enterprise environment. Interested attendees should go to Hall 2 at the Mariott Eaton Center in Toronto on Monday, December 12, 2011 at 9:55 a.m.

As a growing number of organizations restructure their IT environments to enhance uptime, Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) is emerging as a key ingredient for any organization’s business continuity plan. VDR focuses on backing up virtual machines instead of physical servers, which often requires re-installation of the operating system and the use of local-client backup applications to recover applications and data. With VDR, recovery is much quicker since there is no need to re-install the operating system and applications on a physical server. Instead, virtual machines are recovered with these elements intact. VDR advantages include:

  • High-speed recovery which is critical when time is of the essence and a production data center becomes unavailable.
  • Recoverability of virtualized applications to either the same or disparate hardware platforms.
  • The ability to recover data to the location of choice for greater operational flexibility.
  • Many-to-one recovery for greater efficiency. This allows companies to get the most out of fewer recovery servers compared to the production site.

Guidance on cloud-based VDR strategies and techniques will be provided during Farajun’s presentation to help organizations ensure access to critical business applications and data when required.

“Virtual Disaster Recovery can provide significant advantages for organizations virtualizing their IT environments,” said Lauren Whitehouse, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “As companies transition to a more virtualized state, they are being exposed to new strategies and solutions that allow for greater flexibility and control of data protection processes. VDR is one such approach to recovering virtualized applications and data that helps organizations become more prepared when the situation requires.”

“VDR is an advanced approach to expediting data recovery in the event of system downtime, returning access to important business data quickly and efficiently without the need for costly additional hardware or offsite recovery locations,” said Farajun. “With cloud-based VDR, data recovery is performed without the need to reinstall software applications, patches or services packs to any computing platform.”

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