Asigra Celebrates 550,000 Customer Site Deployments Accelerated by Global Partner Ecosystem

Mar 8, 2012

Asigra Inc., a leading Cloud Backup™, recovery and restore (BURR) software provider since 1986, today announced that it has reached the 550,000 global customer site deployment milestone, with 150,000 of those installations taking place in the last six months alone. The 37% increase since June, 2011 shows the growing adoption of public, private and hybrid cloud backup as businesses replace time consuming, manually intensive, insecure and unreliable tape-based data protection.

Cloud service providers powered by Asigra have accelerated their onboarding of new customers as cloud backup and recovery continues to unseat traditional tape-based approaches to data protection due to the complexity and costs associated with legacy backup. According to analysts, growth in the market is being driven by the need for companies to ensure business continuity. With most businesses perceiving traditional in-house data backup infrastructure as insufficient in safeguarding critical corporate data from system failures, theft, vandalism, floods and fire while magnetising enormous investments in time and money. Against this backdrop, cloud-based backup options are increasing in popularity as companies race to online vaulting managed service providers to hedge the risks associated with the unknown future.[1] 

"Businesses today are redesigning their backup environments to take advantage of the technological advancements accelerated by the Cloud,” said Asigra CEO, David Farajun. “While we have benefitted from this trend, it is our global partner ecosystem and the work it does with end customers that supports this growth. Together, we are changing the face of data protection.”

“Organisations have struggled to put in place true assured backup solutions for years.  It is generally only when there is a need for data recovery to occur that they find that their backups have either not been carried out correctly or have been corrupted.  Quocirca finds that cloud-based data recovery is gaining traction for this reason – offloading what is seen as a low-level, but highly critical task to an outsider who can guarantee data recovery – and of secure data off-site storage” said Clive Longbottom, Quocirca.

“The most important thing for customers is ensuring their data is there when they need it,” said Casey Parker, General Manager, Dakota Backup. “While there are many advantages that Asigra provides its partners, one of the most important is their strength in security. Asigra’s FIPS 140-2 certification is unique in the industry and validates their encryption process which allows us to win accounts that are government regulated. With security still an issue for many businesses considering the Cloud, Asigra’s secure approach to data protection addresses customer concerns that help us win the business.”

“As a partner that has worked with Asigra for more than 10 years on private cloud deployments, we now have more than seven petabytes of data under management using their cloud backup software,” said Simon Chappell, President of Backup Technology Ltd. “Asigra’s transformation of the backup and recovery market in the past several years with their promise of recovery assurance and a strong focus on their partners has propelled them in the eyes of service providers.”

Asigra Cloud Backup™ is an award-winning enterprise backup and recovery platform optimised for public, private or hybrid cloud computing and designed to offer efficiencies unavailable with traditional backup architectures. Asigra’s advanced platform allows users to capture less, ingest less, and store less data thereby reducing the amount of backup software cycles and storage hardware required to deploy and maintain high levels of data protection. Asigra overcomes the limitations of traditional backup products that are unable to handle the exponential data growth, variances in information value and complexities within the IT infrastructure with a highly resilient and elastic platform that adapts to the changing nature of today’s IT environments. This provides unmatched backup efficiency and security as well as the ability to respond to today’s dynamic business challenges.

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[1] Cloud Computing Services Report, Global Strategic Business Report, October 2011 -

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