Asigra and MSPexcellence Partner to Create Cloud Backup, Recovery and Restore Business Acceleration Program for Managed Service Providers

Jun 14, 2011

Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup software provider since 1986, and MSPexcellence, the industry thought-leader and provider of business-building programs for managed service providers (MSPs), today announced the Cloud Backup Business Acceleration Program, a joint initiative that allows MSPs and hosting providers to scale a managed cloud backup services business based on Asigra technology. To lead this effort, Asigra has appointed David Smith, Senior Director of Partner Development, to head a new and dedicated partner development team to encourage growth and support Asigra partner profitability.

The Cloud Backup Business Acceleration Program is based on The MSPexcellence Playbook™, a five step process for building and scaling an MSP business and includes a cloud backup migration strategy for Asigra customers as well as go-to-market strategies and business building tools for Asigra partners. The Playbook is customized to provide Asigra partners with ready-to-use sales and marketing worksheets, checklists and templates along with a recipe for building a highly scalable cloud services business featuring Asigra’s innovative, award winning backup, recovery and restore software.

“We have always believed that by combining our technology with effective marketing and sales tools for building a cloud backup and recovery business we were ensuring success for our partners,” said Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President, Asigra. “Our partnership with MSPexcellence builds on that philosophy with a definitive playbook for building an MSP business that capitalizes on the convergence of cloud computing with traditional methods of IT service delivery. We are also very excited to have David Smith join our organization and lead Asigra’s rollout of this new partner development program on a global basis.”

According to multiple market research studies, strong and steady growth in IT spending is projected for the next 5 years and will be fueled by data center virtualization and public cloud computing services. While growth cuts across all market segments, the SMB segment is expected to experience the next wave of accelerated growth as cloud services bring enterprise-class solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. However, the SMB IT services segment, long dominated by MSPs and other IT solutions providers, has recently become a target for large public cloud service providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft, offering commodity cloud services.

“Cloud computing is often perceived as a threat to MSPs, but with the right strategy, that threat can be turned into an enormous opportunity” commented Todd Hussey, Partner and Co-founder of MSPexcellence. “MSPs can solidify their role as trusted advisors, protect their installed base and acquire new customers by offering a migration path to the cloud that integrates best-in-class cloud technologies with expert service and support. However, it will take strong sales and marketing execution to communicate the many advantages of this strategy in the face of competition from public cloud providers. ”

Asigra and MSPexcellence have identified data back-up and recovery as the leading application for cloud migration and Asigra partners are well positioned to play a significant role as cloud service providers. The Asigra solution resolves customer concerns about data privacy and control by offering an alternative to storing critical information assets in a public cloud infrastructure. Instead, the Asigra MSP can provide secure private cloud solutions tailored to the customer’s privacy, security and regulatory requirements while meeting their cost and ROI objectives. Once a secure data backup and recovery strategy is in place, customers can then migrate additional applications and services to the private cloud in a secure, gradual and non-disruptive manner.

“I am thrilled to be part of the Asigra team and could not be more optimistic about the opportunity for Asigra and its partners,” said David Smith, Sr. Director of Partner Development. “The introduction of our cloud backup acceleration program aligns perfectly with the capabilities of our products, the market demand for cloud solutions, and the expertise of our MSP partners to design and deliver them.”

In his new role, David Smith will be responsible for building and executing partner enablement programs that provide best practices and expertise to Asigra’s partner ecosystem. As a seasoned and result-driven executive, David brings with him a track record of monetizing business strategy and delivering profitable growth. He also possesses deep product management, marketing and business development competencies that have helped leading organizations achieve growth potential. Prior to joining Asigra, David worked in a variety of management and executive roles in world-class organizations such as Platform Computing, PureEdge Solutions (acquired by IBM),

Hummingbird (acquired by OpenText) and SAS. Through these roles, David gained broad operational and general management experience, and clearly demonstrated an aptitude and ability to drive growth through a partner-centric business model.

The MSPexcellence Playbook and the Cloud Backup Business Acceleration Program are available to all Asigra partners directly from MSPexcellence. For more information about the MSPexcellence Playbook,

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