451 Group Impact Report Recognizes Asigra Cloud Backup v11 for Enterprise Data Protection of Tablets and Smartphones

Aug 11, 2011

Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup software provider since 1986, today announced that the company’s latest generation software has been featured in an Impact Report by The 451 Group titled “Asigra’s Cloud Backup Floats into Tablet and Smartphone Space.” In the report, Asigra is recognized for its latest generation cloud backup software, large network of service providers, more than 400,000 global customer site deployments and strategic partnerships with Intel, NetApp, and Huawei Symantec to increase the company’s footprint in the cloud backup and recovery space.

With worldwide shipments of smartphones reaching 302 million units in 2010 and more than 53 million tablets expected to ship in 2011, the large and growing amount of corporate data that is residing and flowing through mobile devices is increasing the need to protect these assets in the enterprise. In The 451 Group analysis of Asigra and its recently announced Cloud Backup, Recovery & Restore (BURR) v11 platform, the research firm highlighted Asigra’s “strong feature set” which has been augmented further for the protection of data on smartphones and tablets in the enterprise. Asigra’s ability to backup laptops, tablets and smartphones provide a consolidated data protection offering for businesses to rein in all of their critical corporate data.

“We at The 451 Group believe that Asigra chose the right time to add backup clients for smartphones and tablets given their increasing popularity in business environments,” said Henry Baltazar, Senior Analyst, The 451 Group. “The key now will be for service-providers to effectively deliver this technology as a service to enterprises challenged with the protection of mobile devices.”

As a point of differentiation from other enablers of cloud backup, the research firm points out that Asigra ensures “there is no proprietary lock-in to a single service provider. Customers are free to shift over to another Asigra partner if they are unsatisfied with the pricing or the service levels of their existing provider, without having to abandon their data.”

"We are pleased with the continued acknowledgement from industry analysts as we gain momentum in the cloud backup space,” said Ashar Baig, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, Asigra. "By advancing our solution with innovative features, we're able to deliver the only cloud backup platform to protect an organization’s entire digital footprint, from multiple data centers to mobile devices.”

A copy of the 451 Group Impact Report is available for download here

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