London Medical turns to the cloud to cure data headache

Apr 22, 2010

In the past 5 years, London Medical has grown from an 8-man company to an organisation employing 70 people. Following business expansion, with the resultant increased patient intake, London Medical was faced with exponential data growth and the associated storage requirements. As a busy outpatient centre, London Medical needs to securely store vast amounts of patient data, in compliance with the Data Protection Act. However, this information also has to be readily accessible to consultants and support staff and stored in a format that can be easily but securely distributed offsite to GPs and other medical professionals.

The organisations previous tape-based storage system was rapidly becoming outdated, and in early 2009 the clinic started to look at solutions that could optimise its document backup and recovery. The aim was to ensure the ability to retrieve any lost data quickly and efficiently, especially in the event of a medical emergency, where records need to be accessed immediately, or a patient record being deleted in error. With patients returning to the clinic at irregular intervals, long-term data retention was also an important consideration, so London Medical ideally needed the flexibility to set its own data retention rates. Furthermore the tape-based system required staff to physically transport patient data, creating possible security and financial risks; consequently necessitating a more secure solution.

Reseller Fifosys evaluated a number of systems, and decided that online data backup and recovery experts Asigra provided the most attractive solution in terms of service offered and value for money. The existing data backup provider would not offer the desired level of flexibility that London Medical required - the data was simply stored, rather than managed, and it could take up to three weeks for a full data restore in case of a systems failure. With up to 70 NHS and private patients coming through their doors each day, London Medical needed to mitigate this risk.

Fifosys approached Asigra with a view to becoming a reseller with the ability to provide the service to its end users directly, in this case enabling the company to provide London Medical with the data flexibility it needed. Asigra advised them to approach Zycko, their UK distributor, who arranged for Fifosys to become a Managed Service Provider for Asigra in October 2009. That same month London Medical adopted Asigras complete Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery Software service throughout the clinic. The implementation was completed over

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