LOGiQ3 adopts cloud-based back-ups from Asigra

Sep 6, 2011

Toronto-based LOGiQ3 is not a large company. Ian Sanderson, vice-president of technology at LOGiQ3, said that because a lot of its business as “an insurance services company includes audits and underwriting,” employees at LOGiQ3 spend a lot of time on the road.

Due to the nature of the insurance industry and conducting audits, Sanderson said full and partial system back-ups are both necessary and a “challenge (because) many of our users are out of the office for 200, 220, 260 days a year.”

The backup we’re doing now is an acknoweldgement that some people won’t completely follow the process because they don’t understand the significance of all the elements,” said Sanderson. He added that “we have to make sure the data is recoverable to any point in time that is necessary and we also have to make sure where we are storing it so it is available to only authorized users.”

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