In the Cloud or In The Cabinet: Where Should You Store Your Data?

Jan 28, 2011


Will there be a day when the word “document” doesn’t imply a piece of paper? Will we ever become a truly paperless society?

Probably not any time soon, experts say. There’s a lot of pulp in the world. Take a look—it’s probably got your computer surrounded.

Start-ups and small businesses would be advised to give serious thought to document management questions. More and more, American business relies on data, so companies large and small need to consider how they should store it and what they might want or need to do with that data down the road.

Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President at Asigra is quoted "Failure to build a dependable data management place can be disastrous. Up to 70 percent of businesses that lose all their data go out of business within 12 to 18 months" 


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