Backup Veteran Asigra Keeps Calm as Competitors Crowd the Cloud

Feb 4, 2011

Two decades before such buzzwords as “cloud computing” and “software as a service” entered the lexicon, a small Toronto software maker called Asigra was helping companies back up their data to remote sites over telephone lines.

About two years into the business, with 32 backup clients, Farajun realized that few companies wanted to trust his unknown startup with their data. So he began to sell Asigra’s software to other computer service providers that already had relationships with companies needing to back up their data. “That’s when the whole business shifted,” says Eran Farajun, the founder’s 39-year-old son, who now serves as executive vice- president.

David Farajun sees the sudden growth in online backup as a boon and welcomes new entrants to the marketplace. “We thought, ‘Competition is wonderful,’ because it helps validate the idea and the concept,” 

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