Enterprise Cloud Backup and Recovery for Endpoint Devices

Protect corporate data and intellectual property on any endpoint device that connects to a corporate network. Asigra Cloud Backup™ can reduce the risks organizations face of data leakage and breaches, reputational loss and diluted competitive advantage due to lost or misplaced mobile devices.

Whether employees use their own devices for corporate work or a company-owned mobile device, Asigra Cloud Backup helps ensure that corporate intellectual property won’t ever vanish forever.

Enterprise Cloud Backup and Recovery SoftwareOrganizations need an efficient, secure and simple solution for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and endpoint data protection. Asigra Cloud Backup ensures that any corporate data that is accessed, modified and stored by employees on endpoint devices—including laptops, tablets and smartphones—is securely backed up and available at all times at the company’s data center.

Asigra Cloud Backup supports all the leading operating systems and platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. The Asigra Cloud Backup App for tablets and smartphones is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Why choose Asigra?

  • Compatibility with any cloud architecture provides flexibility for public, private or hybrid cloud models
  • Incremental backups minimize bandwidth usage and storage space through de-duplication and compression
  • Secure backups ensure that data is encrypted at the source and does not allow for unauthorized access of the information either in flight or at rest in backup repositories
  • Intuitive user interfaces help end-users configure and manage their own restores
  • Recovery and Restore Assurance (R2A) assures data recovery every time with capabilities such as autonomic healing and validation restore

To learn more about our endpoint device protection, read our executive summary on Cloud Backup for endpoint devices.

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