Asigra Cloud Backup Connector Appliance

Why invest in separate IT infrastructure for backup and recovery in remote and branch offices when you can get a router with built-in cloud backup and recovery software? The Cisco® Integrated Service Router Generation 2 with Asigra Cloud Backup™ offers globally distributed enterprises simple, cost-effective data protection infrastructure.

Cisco Connector Appliance

Ready-to-use data protection

The Cisco 3900 and 2900 family of routers come pre-installed with Asigra Cloud Backup, providing organizations that have multiple remote locations an integrated and efficient method to minimize their risk of data loss, while reducing their overall costs of data protection by leveraging existing technology investments.

The cloud backup appliance can back up data locally on the LAN, or backup securely to a service provider's offsite data center and it is compatible with private, public or hybrid cloud environments.

How it works

The Asigra Cloud Backup Connector Appliance can be used in two configurations:

  1. As a complete backup solution — Run both the agentless Asigra DS-Client software that aggregates data from all sources on the LAN as well as the DS-System software, the vault that protects the data in a single central repository.

  2. As a data collector — Run the agentless Asigra DS-Client software aggregating data from the various devices on the LANs of remote and branch offices. This data can then be transmitted to a central storage repository either at the organization’s designated data center or on another such appliance that runs the Asigra DS-System.

    The internal storage of the routers can also be used to facilitate local disaster recovery. You can protect all of the data on your organization’s LAN using the appliance, storing up to 2TB of compressed and deduplicated backup data in the device’s internal storage with the ability to scale to 10TB of local data storage per device.

Cisco Cloud Connector Appliance Diagram

Support for Multiple Cloud Deployment Models

The backup appliance enables enterprises to protect data using one of three cloud models:

  • Offsite at their own designated data center (private cloud)
  • Offsite at a service provider’s cloud data center (public cloud)
  • Replicate the locally stored data to the service provider’s data center in a hybrid cloud model

Explore Asigra Cloud Backup

The Asigra Cloud Backup Connector Appliance provides geographically dispersed enterprises with all the data protection benefits traditionally associated with Asigra Cloud Backup.

Asigra’s enterprise-class backup and recovery software provides a complete range of features that ensure the maximum in reliability, security, manageability and affordability.

Purpose-built for public, private and hybrid cloud architectures, Asigra Cloud Backup solution is equipped with:

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Download the data sheet for further details about data protection of endpoint devices:

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Asigra Cloud Backup Connector Appliance

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