Low Touch. High Efficiency

Asigra Cloud BackupTM incorporates mass deployment functionality to enable IT Operations to automatically setup, configure and protect data across the enterprise.

Asigra Cloud BackupTM incorporates mass deployment functionality to enable IT Operations to centrally configure and mass deploy clients to protect data across the enterprise for machines on the corporate LAN, remote corporate laptops. Service Providers can configure (configurations, schedules, backup sets, and retention rules) Asigra software simultaneously to thousands of laptops, desktops, virtual machines and remote sites using point-and-click templates. Leveraging Microsoft® Active DirectoryTM administrators can deploy the Asigra software in silent mode and configure the software automatically to ensure minimum time consumption for end users with similar information.

Mass Deployment makes backup & restores easier to administer in the following way:

  • Automatic installation using Microsoft’s Active Directory and MSI files for DS-Mobile Clients.
  • Automatic installation and configuration of Asigra DS-Client software based on templates. Asigra offers flexibility of installation through XML configuration files that can be generated, edited and saved for future installations.
  • Reduced administration tasks through templates. Template-based mass deployment allows for standardization, simpler administration of accounts and troubleshooting.
  • Low touch – Silent mode installation. Service Providers can use the MSI DS-Mobile Client Installation to deploy the DS-Mobile Client in silent mode or with a reduced set of installation parameters. Service Providers can use the XML configuration files to hide any screens of the Asigra DS-Client software installation, and set a predefined value for any parameters that would require input during the installation.

All of the above translate into reduced operational costs and reduced human capital requirements.

For more information please contact an Asigra Cloud Backup expert.

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