Businesses impacted by natural disasters like earthquakes and floods see the value of Disaster Recovery (DR) enabled via off-site data protection offered by “Powered by Asigra” service provider.

There are a lot of consumer Backup Solutions available in the marketplace today that do a great job of backing up your data. But none provide the Recovery, Restore Assurance (R2A) that an Asigra powered solution does.

DS-Consumer is industry’s first Enterprise Cloud Backup and Recovery platform to offer R2A

The DS-Consumer offers consumers the same features enjoyed by enterprise customers – R2A, NIST, FIPS 140-2 certified security, data reduction (block-level deduplication and compression), and more. Backups can be sent to the Cloud while a local copy is stored on an internal or attached external drive. Restores can go to the original location, an alternate location or another machine. DS-Consumer Client patches and upgrades are done automatically and silently. Bandwidth is conserved with incremental backups of changed or new files only.

While DS-Consumer opens the door to more customers looking for simple, affordable and secure cloud backup and recovery solution, it actually promises much more than just increased total addressable market for Asigra providers. Many consumers now use two or three different backup solutions in their personal life and at work. Strategically, DS-Consumer is an opportunity for providers to prove to new customers that Asigra is the perfect unified platform for all of their backup and recovery needs.

The DS-Consumer Client is installed on the consumer desktop or laptop. The DS-Consumer Client collects data from the consumer desktop or laptop and sends it to the DS-System at the Service Provider’s (SP’s) data center. The data backup is a completely automated process with built-in data reduction techniques such as and compression that result in WAN bandwidth savings.

Some key features of the DS-Consumer Client include:

  • “One Click” for quick data backup and recovery through an intuitive GUI. In fact, the end customer does not even have to open the GUI to conduct their data backups. Their backups automatically take place at the MSP / IT programmed backup windows (typically in the middle of the night). If the user has made a lot of important changes and cannot wait until the normal data backup scheduled time, they click on “Backup Now” button within the GUI and the backups will take place immediately
  • Self-management – consumers can backup and restore their own data anytime, anywhere
  • MSPs can self-brand their customized GUI
  • The DS-Consumer Client can be downloaded from Asigra MSP’s web site
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