Would you pay for lost data?

May 2013

Would you pay for lost data?

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune shares a great reminder about the importance of backing up your data. Unfortunately the individual below had to learn the hard way that his data was more valuable than his laptop. Which begs the question, would you pay for the return of your lost data? And how much would you actually pay? For example, if the data contained a critical project or beloved family photos, how much would you be willing to offer?

Here's what happened:

Lost Laptop Letter

Spice IT Email Post

I can not put any amount of

I can not put any amount of money to my data. My data is my lifeline.

I read the story of this PhD candidate last week:


It is a very sad experience this young man is going through. His entire 5 year research gone down the drain ...

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